Just Jerky Rebrand

Work - 13 Dec 2015

Crafting a brand and strategy for beef jerky proved to be a unique challenge. Typically, beef jerky companies are tough, rough and rugged - which by all accounts is fitting, due to the product's nature. However, owners Elisa and Elias Kassas, lay down the challenge - to differentiate Just Jerky's brand positioning, whilst ensuring alignment between the desired market and the company's values.

The foundation of the strategy was crafted by highlighting an important consumer problem, which we defined as: The Redefinition of Food - where consumers are paradoxically becoming more, and less aware about food. These two contradictory thoughts nicely highlight the growing rift in consumers minds. We're seeing more research, more blogs, more information, and more food noise. But what's true, what diet works, what combinations of food are healthy, and what does natural now mean? 

This fundamental consumer truth allowed us to create a strategic platform for distilling the brand essence. Where, the health nature of Just Jerky's products provide consumers with a high protein, low fat energy snack. These product attributes paved the way for the essence of 'Fuel Your Daily Adventure' to be formed - where by eating Just Jerky, consumers give themselves the energy to grasp their daily adventures (big or small) and strive to adventure more.  The approach for the strategy was to create a highly emotive and engaging brand. A look and feel that's simple and refined, all while without feeling too soft and lofty for traditional jerky eaters. The use of a fresh colour pallet, outdoor imagery and emotive messaging pulled together really well to establish a strong focus for the brand, and to of course differentiate from other beef jerky companies.

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