Doing the work that matters

Think - 30 Jan 2016

At all costs, strive to do the work that matters. 

Commonly this means focusing on the work that give the best contribution.

Doing the work that matters isn't always what others tell you to do. No. It's about understanding the critical steps required to deliver your project/piece of work to the highest level. It will take your energy, time and commitment. And, there's always a team around you, so use them.

The tasks directly in front of you; your emails, the phone call, your colleagues questions – question how these impact you from delivering the work that matters.

Empowering yourself to do the work that matters inevitably yields respect. It shows to others you have purpose in your work, and time after time you contribute at the highest level. This is leadership.

Yes, it is scary stuff. Sure. But, the how will you ever make a difference otherwise?