Being persuasive and picking up chicks

Think - 08 Aug 2015

Did you open this link hoping for some useful pick up tricks? Well, great. You’ve come to the right place. This post, though, isn’t just about picking up hotties. In this post I hope to arm you with the key techniques to write, plan and prepare persuasive messaging. There are, however, some weird similarities between picking up chicks and the art of writing persuasive ads which I'll look to share.

Oh god, this is slowly morphing into a pick up tips post after all… Lets get to the guts of it then.

People love to be sold to. Deep down we have innate desires to feel empowered, to feel special. And when we see compelling messages, or hear the voice of perceived reason which resonates with our own belief system, we feel engaged and often empowered. Simple. 
This thinking isn’t the same as having a pushy sales message randomly thrown in your direction. Crafted persuasion requires an understanding of who you’re talking to and establishing a plan to resonate with their human characteristics, traits and motivations.

Altercasting looks to play to ones image and projection of themselves - our egos and societal fit. Altercasting often takes a social construction and endeavours to deliver a message of conformity.

The pick up:
“What work do you do? Oh, wow, really? It must feel great to help/grow/build/develop that”

Make one statement, make another statement that agrees with the first statement and then add a final statement that contradicts the first two. It’s surprising and, from a marketing standpoint, sticky.

The pick up:
“I love partying, going out and doing all-nighters. It’s so fun, we should do that. But, I know this movie you would love, we should watch that tonight”

Golden Handcuffs
When you’re fearful a potential buyer or user will leave partway through your pitch, ad, or video, make them a middle-term offer that would be difficult to refuse.

The pick up:
"Do you know what? I’m actually headed out of town for two weeks tomorrow. We should see if we can stay up all night tonight.”

If you can isolate a target in your marketing, you have a much better chance of turning him or her over to your way of thinking.
In the physical world, isolation is a technique that can be useful in swaying groups of people. When they are isolated from others who might have contrary positions, they tend to adopt “group think.”

The pick up:
“You know what? I know the best place we should all go tonight, it’s just opened”

Higher Purpose
If you have a product or service, think about the higher purpose it is serving. Then create a marketing campaign around the higher purpose.

The pick up:
“I believe that too, that’s really important to so many people. I wish everyone could see it your way”

Thought Stopping
When something new enters our vision it immediately starts seeding attention. However, this only lasts as long as it takes us to figure out if the new subject is actually worth our attention.

The pick up:
“I bet you can’t do that, you’re talking shit.” 

Special language
Brands may try to combine phrases and keywords in their industry to entice viewers. Our curiosity to learn more about the new term can easily create engagement i.e. #selfie

The pick up:
“Tonight, I’m going to call you bae. That’s your new name” 

Persuasion is an art. Its form can be crafted to perfection by utilising different methodologies that establish a more effective link between your marketing and your customer.

Now, go pick up…