"We have nothing to fear but fearful clients"

​What kind of business do you run?

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Opinionated and sometimes incorrect, this site is designed to discuss the stuff I like; Advertising and Running. You’ll venture through mixed messages, rambling thoughts and hypocritical ideas. I promise you nothing but my perspective, the lens I see the world through.
Working in advertising for years and years, I’ve seen some stuff, learnt a bunch and made a truck-load of ads. I read daily, research strategies, and continuously think about advertising. Tortured with ideas and the glorious thought of how to push creative boundaries is where my happy place lies.
Running is fully ingrained in my makeup. At 5 years old I wrote, “I want to be the world’s fastest runner” and crazily it seems this statement still fuels my fire to run. Running is simple - it gives me opportunities to meet amazing people, explore new places and compete in major races around the world. I’ll never stop running, well, at least for as long as my body can handle it, I suppose.