Run this town

Run - 15 Jul 2015

Tourists; stop the bus, the guided tour, the ridiculously expensive hire car. You’re doing it all wrong. If you want to see a city, like truly see a city and not just pass through it, then slap on your running shoes and explore.

Tourists are like sheep, they swarm to the tried and true tourist way. But, having had the opportunity to travel a little, the best way to see a new city is to run. To be honest, it's probably to walk so that you can soak up the sights and sounds around you, but walking is too slow and boring - so running, I have decided is better.

The "why run" list looks a little something like this:

  1. See more. You’ll still see the same stuff, but you’ll become familiar with the streets and the city’s layout too. You'll love immersing yourself in the buzz of its' inner workings. Cities aren’t actually that big when you go running.
  2. Cities are cluttered. Your oversized tour van will never get a park, so don’t even try. When running you can explore the cluttered streets and go un-noticed. If you’re like me then the thought of being a tourist is annoying. The guy/girl walking around with the SLR swaying around your neck, tinkering with their lens to make it seem like you’re a photographer
  3. Before everyone else. When I was in London, having my body clock thrown into the complete opposite timezone actually worked in my favour. Chucking on my running shoes at 5:30am was probably one of my highlights. Out running I got to see the early morning changing of the guard at Buckingham place, ran around big ben, and smashed it around hyde park… all with no people. I really mean it, and certainly no tourists either. The times I had exploring London with nothing apart from my iPhone Maps (actually worked) - I felt like I owned the moment, moments with these incredible things that no one else had. They were unique to me.
  4. Tourists are annoying. Walking through the Vatican with a million and one tourists, many of which that smelt like they’d spent the night in the cells of the colosseum, was painful. Luckily, you get to spend the whole time looking up at the ceiling, so you don’t have to put up with all the ugly faces around you. Tourists are annoying, I never want to be one, but sometimes you’re forced to. But when you run, you’re like an incognito tourists… exploring at your own pace, your own time, in your own way… Not the way of the masses.
  5. No logistics. My pet hate with our world is how much admin we’ve created, thinking we’ve established efficiencies. Just think about the wasted time you spend walking to the train stop, waiting for the train, then sitting on the train, then walking with the hundred other people to your next mode of transport, only then to arrive at your destination an hour later. In comparison, pop your shoes on and go… Surely spending less time having to organise how to do the things that you want to do is a good thing.