Queenstown Marathon ‘14

Run - 22 Nov 2014

Pain and misfortune may seem like overly dramatic words, but this marathon was just that. It was horrible. 

With a southerly storm whipping through, all competitors were treated to outrageous racing conditions. 

Marathons are utterly stupid races. But, here’s the thing, when you’re being belted by shitty conditions it almost seems unfair. Like, hey come on weather gods, we’re going to be suffering enough as it is, please don’t do this to us… Well, on this occasion, the gods didn’t give two…  

Okay, I get it - I'm being a bit ranty, I’m sorry. So, instead of talking about my monumental meltdown, lets change things up a bit. Picture this… Queenstown, being fit, sunny weather and a well organised event. This is what this marathon could be. Well, actually, it will become this… the day when weather gods put favour upon Queenstown is the day when the hashtag #bestmarathonever will go viral and millions of running selfies will be taken by young and old. It will be an absolute stunner of an event.  

It’s an undulating, off-road, and nuggety course. Not the flat and fast course as advertised. For the punter who is trying to tick a marathon off their bucket list, Queenstown marathon should be the one to run. No, you won’t find any Kenyans turning up to this race aiming to break records. This is a race for the punters - a shit tonne of punters. But, do you know what? That’s perfect. It’s exactly what this race should be. Queenstown is a race to enjoy, a race for the people and running community. Oh, and did I mention it’s in Queenstown - one of New Zealand’s finest locations?

When the weather gods shine down on this one, not even Peter Jackson could make it look bad.

Oh, I probably should mentioned that I managed to hold on for 2nd Place. So, I probably shouldn’t complain to much then.