Gold Coast Marathon '16

Run - 03 Jul 2016

Race: Gold Coast Marathon 

Result: 21st, 2nd IAAF Oceania Marathon

Time: 2:26:19

The Plan: “Relaxed and strong, relaxed and strong” This was my game-plan. 

The Race:

– Eased into my stride, as I took to the streets of the GC.

– Found my rhythm early on then focused on the game plan. 

– Rolled through half way in 1:12:06, getting excited I started to accelerate.

–  At 26km the wheels started to fall off, re-focussing I concentrated back on my game plan.

– I started to pull through the struggling runners over the final 10km.

– Relief set in as I hit the 40km mark, knowing I was on track.

– Elation bubbled inside as I crossed the finish line - finally, a time I can be proud of.

– 90min later, I could finally complete my drug test sample.

– Beers and good times with friends followed.


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