Gold Coast Marathon ’15

Run - 16 Sep 2015

I went for it. 2025.7 km in the mileage bank between April and June 21st. My best three months of training ever, but then, just like that, my Achilles went - two weeks out from GC. Shitballs!


The problem with the marathon is the training. I think it's actually more demanding and tiring than the race itself.

Let me explain the transformation of ones marathon life:

Day in, day out hitting the pavement. Out at sunrise, then again after work in the dark. Grinding out upwards of 25kms everyday.


Of course you don’t have to do this much, but with the marathon there is an overwhelming catch 22...


... either you do lots of training and feel strong in the race


... or do less training, and make the race really really really flippin’ hard


One of the annoying things about the dude who wins, is that he/she always looks the freshest out of the bunch. Everyone else looks like they've been in a death fight with zombies. But, the champ making the wake out the front always looks in control and relaxed. And even more annoyingly, they're having the most fun too - they're feeling the best and getting all the glory. I hate these people.


And that's why it's best to train hard, pushing your own limits. Athletes aren’t dialed to enjoy getting beaten. So, we rationalise the first choice. The Push Push Push one. It hardly ever pays off (since the sport's super hard and there's only ever one winner), but pushing is a far better option than going in half arsed with big expectations.


And snap, back to my race... I started and felt fantastic for a bit, then like and old ex my Achilles came back to haunt me and became ridiculously sore. So, I pulled out.

Would I change anything? Probably one workout - the workout that through me over the edge... but then I wouldn’t have this experience to share. So actually no, I wouldn't change a thing. Getting injured so close to the race was hard, but most importantly I went for it and didn't look back.

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