Fuelling Right, To Run Faster

Run - 16 Apr 2017

Let me get one thing clear, straight out of the gate.

Eating the ‘right’ food won’t magically transition someone from being an okay athlete to a stand-out superstar.


Just like the shoes worn, the clothes worn, and the motivational words read won’t lead to being great either. I'm sorry.

This ‘stuff’ does help though - but we call these the "1%ers" - they can give you an edge, sure, but they’re certainly not the sole factor leading to stand-out performances.

Yes, you guessed it - the old fashioned hard work and training in the pursuit of maximizing ones effort is what should make up the bulk of an athletes' time & energy. So, you heard it here - train harder and faster. Period.

In writing this, my intentions are not to discredit the 1%ers as superfluous. Alas, no. My aim is to merely draw attention to the hierarchy, magnitude and performance benefit from a true & honest perspective.

One area I’ve recently being learning about is fuelling strategies. Both, to increase performance and to recover faster. I’m a big fan of relentlessly looking at 1%ers as a source to get the most out of training and racing - because, to reiterate, this is what makes athletes better.

Science In Sport (SIS), is a UK based company specialising in making supplements that cater to endurance athletes at the top-end of their pursuit. I’ve being using the Rego Recovery, Gels and Go Energy carbohydrates for a few years now. In recent times, I’ve been working with the SIS team to learn and understand how to fuel better before my hard workouts and races. So, in a sharing caring kinda’ way, here’s my approach to fuelling before both a morning workout and afternoon workout:

5:30am: wake up
5:35am: SIS GO Hydro + Caffeine tablet with water + Toast.
6am: A glass of SIS GO Energy
6:15am: Start running. I normally warm up with 6-12km of running before I start a workout, allowing enough time for my body to start processing the fuel food before I go hard.
8:15am: Arriving home, I immediately have a banana, almond, cacao and SIS Rego Recovery (choc flavour) smoothie plus a few other goodies to start the recovery process. Next, I quickly jump in the shower, then dive into a big breakfast.
9am: Arrive at work

I'm continually fine tuning my approach, and one area I want to improve is how i use Gels in my workouts.

3pm: look to start hydrating with Go Hydro. I don’t normally have caffeine in the afternoon because I have coffees at other times throughout the day.
5:45pm: Go Energy + Water
6pm: Start training
8pm: Home from training and straight into Rego Recovery + water.
8:30pm: Dinner and relax. I like to keep hydrating throughout the evening too. This approach tends to help me feel better for the next days’ morning run.

During the night, I also like to use Overnight Protein as a way to stimulate the rate of muscle protein synthesis, helping my body adapt to the training load and help with muscle recovery.

I’m constantly working to improve the timing and intake of the fuel. Ted, at SIS has helped to give me some really useful pointers. However, due to the nature of my busy working day I don’t always get it perfect, but with each small improvement often comes a more critical workout as a result.