A story of David and Goliath

Review - 18 Jul 2015

From a young age, we’re told the story of David and Goliath. With layers of underlying metaphors and parables, David and Goliath is fundamentally a story about overcoming the seemingly impossible.

Scriptures talk about David’s faith empowering him with the strength to defeat Goliath on the battle front. Whereas, others look at Goliath’s defeat as a result of David’s speed, skill and accuracy with his sling.

Written by the cult followed author Malcolm Gladwell, the book uses the underlying learnings from David and Goliath to tell stories of other David and Goliath moments in recent times - times where ordinary people have overcome huge odds, uncertainty or difficult situations to defeat their personal Goliaths.

I found one particular underlying message in this book to be powerful. Situations where on face value seem like Goliaths, more often than not are able to be effectively overcome. The trick, as Malcom describes it, is to not face our own Goliaths the way they expect to be faced. Instead using our own skills, experiences and expertise to seek out angles or tactics to hit Goliaths head on. 

 This book, then, is a book about strategic thinking, teaching a critical thinking mindset to seek out opportunities to defeat life’s Goliath situations.